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Volgograd State Technical University

Volgograd State Technical University

Volgograd State Technical University (RU1, VSTU) is one of the largest universities in the Volga region, an institution of higher education with versatile activities, preparing highly-qualified specialists in compliance with the multistage system of education. The university's scientific schools are well known in both our country and abroad. VSTU has a great experience of participation in the following international projects: Tempus JEP-25070-2004, Tempus JEP-25020-2004, Tempus JEP-25188-2004, Tempus JEP-26108-2005, Tempus JEP-27082-2006.

The department of «Industrial Ecology and Safety» was founded in 1992. It introduced two-level educational system. Students have a four-year course of “Chemical technology and biotechnology” and get Bachelor of Science degree, then some of students can enter a Master Course  on Ecology or they can become engineers. Since 2008 there have begun master of ecology training on “Chemical technology and biotechnology”. Annually there are about 20-25 full-time students graduating from the department getting degrees of Bachelors of Science, Certified Specialists and Masters of Science. The department offers PhD program on two scientific directions “Ecology” and “Chemical engineering". The department has highly qualified academic and research staff, whose scientific and educational activities are aimed at the environmental problems’ solutions. The academic staff of the department includes 8 doctors of science, professors, and 15 candidates of science, associate professors. The scientists, teachers, postgraduates and students of the department have been contributing greatly to the development of the main directions of science, those are methods of intensification of ecological, biotechnological and chemical engineering processes in power fields, modeling of ecological and chemical engineering processes, research of biotechnological and bioecological processes, recycling of polymeric materials.

Thus VSTU offers a multi-level system of education and training and provides various types of programmes for students. Participation in the development of a Master Course will allow to make contribution to the envisaged project and improve learning methodologies of VSTU. 

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