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The University of Parma

The University of Parma

The University of Parma (EU 4) was one of the first EU universities to introduce the new three-year plus two-year degree courses according to the Bologna Principles, providing the first new undergraduate courses in 1999. Therefore, the University has a wealth of experience to offer new types of degree courses. The University of Parma has 12 Faculties providing over 100 curricula. Currently there are about 30000 full-time students, getting training at First Level and Specialist levels. Moreover, the University has nearly 50 Doctorate courses and 29 Master Courses of first and second level. The University employs a total of 1124 researchers and professors, and 994 units of technical and administrative personnel.

The Department of Environmental Sciences is mainly responsible for courses pertaining the degrees in “Environmental science and technology” and in “Biotechnology”, the PhD courses in “Ecology” and in “Biotechnology”, and of the International Master Course in “Science and technology for sustainable development in contaminated sites”. The teachers and personnel have a long-standing experience in research on environmental issues and preparation of related curricula. Other Departments of the University can provide experience in economic and legislative aspects of environmental management. For these reasons the University of Parma is an indispensable partner for this Project. 

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