Volgograd State Technical University

400131, Russia, Volgograd, Lenin avenue 28, VSTU

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Who will be the main stakeholders and project participants

The Technical Universities of the main industrial cities of Volga-Caspian reagion (Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Kazan) have everything necessary for successful development of the Master program and its introduction in educational process. All above-named universities are large educational and scientific centers. They have the material base for carrying out of all kinds of studies (lectures, practical and laboratory), research work of trainees. There are computer classes with access to the Internet, the necessary complete set of the license software, free-of-charge access to electronic libraries.

In each of the above-named universities there is a faculty which is carrying out special preparation of students in the field of ecology. Now there are about 500 students - the future engineers-ecologists training on the given specialty. Since 2010 preparation of bachelors on the description “Preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources” will begin. Faculty members are skilled experts in various areas of a science and techniques. Among them professors, doctors of chemical, biological, economical, engineering science. Many teachers speak English or German language. Laboratories of the faculties are equipped with the modern equipment, among which gas chromatographs, fluorimeters, spectrophotometers, рН-meters, microscopes, etc. Educational classes are equipped with interactive boards, projectors, computers that allows to introduce modern computer programs in educational process.

The Technical Universities of Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan and Kazan are very experienced in Joint Projects within Tempus-Tacis, Eurasia, Inco-Copenicus, Bridge and other international programs.