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Project Description

European inter-university project TEMPUS 159305-2009 "Advanced M.Sc. Program in Ecology for the Volga-Caspian basin"

This 3-year long project was started in January 2010, and is scheduled to be completed in December 2012

This project fits into the strategic goals of Russian universities which all include the following same aspects: to provide professional knowledge and skills based on theoretical principles, priorities of the local, national and global environment development; support for research in areas of importance for the region, country and world-wide; the renewal and dissemination of active teaching and learning methods; integration of this university into the world community through conducting joint educational and research projects.

About Tempus Program

Tempus is the program which financed by the European Union. It directed on support of processes of higher education modernisation in the countries-partners from the Eastern Europe, the Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean, mainly, through projects of interuniversity cooperation. The program promotes voluntary integration of higher education systems of the countries-partners into the all-European processes, such as «Bologna process» and it assists to acceptance of «Lisbon strategy». Except cooperation strengthening at level of educational institutions, Tempus promotes an establishment and development of interpersonal contacts.

Necessity of modernizing the Russian Higher Education System

Reforming and modernization of higher education in agreement with Bologna Process is an important problem of educational system of Russian Federation. The actual situation is that according to the contemporary legislation, federal law № 232 from October 24, 2007 higher educational institutions of Russian Federation have to introduce the two-level Bachelor-Master educational system of training since September 1, 2010. Directions of preparation and specialization of bachelors and masters have been determined, state standards for development of educational programs.

The important problems of ecology and the ecological conditions of Volga-Caspian basin

The important problem of ecology is environment pollution control and removal of waste. Society throughout the world has to face these challenges. But in Russia the problem of wastes is critical. There is no system approach to the waste treatment, technologies of waste water treatment and flue gas cleaning are insufficiently developed, and technologies of remediation of polluted soils and water objects are no used.

Solving the problems of Volga-Caspian basin with a new Tempus project on "Advanced M.Sc. Program in Ecology for Volgo-Caspian Basin"

The preparation of the project proposal began after the meeting of representatives of four Russian universities (Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan,) organized by Volgograd STU on 25 February 2009. All participants support the idea to apply with such proposal and ask Stuttgart university to coordinate the consortium. All partners are well known to each other for more than ten years taking part in several joint federal and international projects including such Tempus-Tacis JEPs as 25020-2004, 23094-2002 and 10356-1997.

What will be done

An interdisciplinary Master educational program in environmental and process engineering must be developed. This program should cover the problems of air quality, solid waste and waste water control and treatment technologies in a multidisciplinary approach. I.e. that such a program may provide students with multidisciplinary education between management, ecological and engineering issues necessary to work in the industry of waste management.

Who will be the main stakeholders and project participants

The Technical Universities of the main industrial cities of Volga-Caspian reagion (Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Kazan) have everything necessary for successful development of the Master program and its introduction in educational process. All above-named universities are large educational and scientific centers. They have the material base for carrying out of all kinds of studies (lectures, practical and laboratory), research work of trainees. There are computer classes with access to the Internet, the necessary complete set of the license software, free-of-charge access to electronic libraries.

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